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11 TIL and counting…

Email alias

If you have a domain on Cloudflare, there is a beta feature that allows you to set up Email Routing. However, Cloudflare provides email forwarding, not hosting. You cannot send your emails through Cloudflare.

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Diff tables

You can use HTML tables to show the diff quite nicely, see:

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Delete GitHub workflows

GitHub allows you to delete each GitHub Action run separately. Removing all of them at once is not possible in UI. As a workaround, the GitHub API can be used to automate the workflow deletion.

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Assert not found nodes

TL;DR; The key here is this fact:

MATCH - return nothing if it finds nothing

OPTIONAL MATCH - always return at least null

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Add CERT.PL’s Warning List to add blocker

Block phishing website discovered by cert.pl, add https://hole.cert.pl/domains/domains_adblock.txt to add blocker.

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